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Hemp core exposure refers to the phenomenon that hemp core i

Date of issue:2020-01-15 17:04 Browse times:
1) The specification of hemp core is improper and the diameter is too large.
2) The thickness of hemp core is uneven or the joint is bad, and the part is thick.
3) The rope strand is not evenly twisted, and the gap between some strands is large.
4) The hemp core is too thick and hard due to too much oil and too low temperature.
The exposed hemp core will reduce the breaking force of wire rope and affect its service life.
Generally speaking, stainless steel wire rope has weak magnetism, whether it is 304 stainless steel wire rope or 316 stainless steel wire rope. This magnetism is caused by the chemical composition shaking during exercise and cold processing. Today, let's discuss the completely non-magnetic stainless steel wire rope. Nantong steel wire rope introduces non-magnetic stainless steel wire rope.
To complete the stainless steel wire rope completely non-magnetic is also able to complete, the general practice is to product stainless steel wire rope through annealing furnace heat treatment annealing can eliminate the micro magnetism of stainless steel wire rope.
Many customers are very interested in whether the stainless steel wire rope is magnetic. If the customer needs the non-magnetic stainless steel wire rope, the stainless steel wire rope should be annealed.
In addition, many people call 201 stainless steel wire rope as non-magnetic stainless steel wire rope. The price of this kind of wire rope is better than that of 304 stainless steel wire rope and 316 stainless steel wire rope, but its corrosion resistance is poor.